Orphans Home: Providing Hope, Care, And Family For Vulnerable Children

Orphans word is used for the children those doesn’t have parents and family. But our Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji names these children as God’s Children because the children who doesn’t have anybody to care, God cares them personally. So, in order to make some contribution towards their welfare, our Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji has started the Orphans home facility where he provides free food, education, shelter and all the required amenities so that they can be served properly.

By doing this, we want to make them self-dependent so that they can make their contribution towards the society welfare. For this, we need your contribution so that we can serve more and more children and see the god smiling. Because, if we serve the god’s children, he will give us lots of blessings and make us free from many sorrows and worries.

So, Join Your Hands with us and be a part of our charitable family to make your valuable ( contribution towards the noble vision of Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji and make this world a better place where everyone will do smile and no one live obligate.

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By standing in the middle of market, Paras wishes protection for all No friendship with anyone as well as no enemies!

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