Help for Physically Handicapped People

There are so many physically handicapped people in the society who need financial help or employment for their livelihood and in most of cases, there is nobody to take care of them. As a responsible part of the society, we should take some initiative for them.

At Paras Parivaar Charitable Trust, Our Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji started to track these types of people who doesn’t have any support and tried to provide help as much as possible. With the grace of Maa Durga, we have served more than 60000 physically handicapped people and provide all the required help. Initially, we have provided them some financial help so that they can fulfill their basic needs. After that, we have created employment opportunities for them and provide them jobs according to their capabilities so that they can become self-dependent.

Our Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji Invites you to make your contribution towards this noble cause so that you can have the opportunity to win the heart of Maa Durga because she always happy to see everybody to work for the noble causes.

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