Old Age Home

The cases of Misbehaving of Children with their old-age parents are increasing day-by-day. In today’s time, Children have become so selfish that they are not doing the care of their parents what they deserve. Children forgot that that they got so much love and care from their parents. They are not paying even 1% back in lieu of their parents’ care.

We must sensitive about this situation as a responsible person of society. Our Guruji always make us remind these children will never be forgiven by Maa Durga who misbehave with their parents.

To provide the gentle care to these parents, our guruji has started the Old Age Home facility where we are providing all the required amenities to them. Because, we strongly feel that they deserve the ultimate love and care because they are the form of God on earth. We always hear one saying in our day-to-day life that God cannot present everywhere every time, so he made parents.

With the aim to serve this form of God, we are inviting you to make your contribution towards this cause according to your caliber so that you can be the reason of their broad smile and Make Maa Durga extremely happy.

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