Education for Poor People


Our Lovable and Respected Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji started the education system for poor people where he opened school for them so that they can take admission there for free and get the complete education till senior secondary level because we believe that education will help them to stand on their feet and will make them able to make their contribution in the welfare of the society. Most of the parents in our society can't afford the expenses of the study of their children and the education level of government schools are not up to the mark. 

That's why we (Paras Parivaar Charitable Trust) came forward to make contibution in their education. Till now, we have served 100000+ children and this count is increasing day by day. For this, we want your contribution because we believe that if we became one team then we can serve lots of children in one go. We strongly believe that making contribution towards education is one of the best gift for anyone because education makes us self-dependent and alongwith this, it also helps us to contribute towards the welfare of the country.

So, Come Forward and be a part of our family and start contributing towards the education of poor and needy people and make the world a best place to live.

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By standing in the middle of market, Paras wishes protection for all No friendship with anyone as well as no enemies!

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