Comprehensive Employment Camp Experience - With Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji

Paras Parivaar Charitable Trust started organizing employment camp to create jobs for poor and needy people so that they can stand on their feet. Here, we have organized different classes to educate them like computer classes and sewing embroidery classes for women so that they can get good job.

Along with this, we started providing other courses also so that everyone can get the job of their interest areas. Till now, we have organized employment camp for 10 lakhs + people which help them to get their jobs and now they are earning effectively for their families.

With the help of employment camp, our main aim is to help maximum people to get their dream job by teaching the required skills so that unemployment can be deeply eradicated from our country and everyone here can get the good job and become self-dependent and start their contribution towards the welfare of the society.

So, Come and Join your hands with us and start contributing towards this noble cause as the way you can and make the world self-dependent.

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By standing in the middle of market, Paras wishes protection for all No friendship with anyone as well as no enemies!

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