In Hindu Religion, we worship the Cow like a Goddess because we believe that the Cow is like our mother. After all, she feeds us with her milk. Her love for us is pure. To show some love towards Cow, Our Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji has started a campaign to contribute to her Sewa.

At the Paras Parivaar Charitable Trust, we have served more than  10 lakh cows till now with the grace of Maa Durga and the dedication of our Guruji. Our Trust is not only trust, it is a big family now. We now want to invite you to become a part of our family to start making your valuable contribution to Cow Sewa.

It is the right time to pay back her love with our love and we can do that by making our contribution to this noble cause. So, Come and be a part of our family of Paras Parivaar and get a chance to be the reason for Maa Durga’s Smile because Maa Durga always wants to see her children do Sewa for noble causes.

Under the guidance of Mahant Shri Paras Bhai Ji, Cow Sewa has established sanctuaries and shelters where cows are provided with proper nourishment, shelter, and medical attention. The initiative also educates people about the importance of cow protection and promotes the adoption of eco-friendly practices, such as using cow dung for fuel and organic farming.

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By standing in the middle of market, Paras wishes protection for all No friendship with anyone as well as no enemies!

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