Health Treatment for Poor People


Health Infrastructure of our country is not up to the mark. The government of our country is doing so much improvement in health sector and government hospitals are improving day by day. But due to more population, resources provided by our government are not enough. Poor people are still facing the problem in getting treatment for them or for their family when required because government hospitals do not have proper resources for everyone. Even they could not go to the private hospitals as they can’t afford their treatment.

To overcome this situation, Paras Parivaar Charitable Trust came in action. By the grace of Maa Durga and our Guruji, we have arranged the health treatment for so many poor people because we strongly believe that “Health is one of the Biggest Gift anyone can give”.

Our Charitable family is inviting you to make your contribution towards this noble cause because if we join our hands for this vision, we can gift good health to more and more people and the become the reason of their broad smile which will help us to make this world healthy and prosperous.

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